The Chevrons


Sound the trumpet!

We now have a trumpet player… introducing Chris Evans.. we thought you might want to know something about him.. so here goes: Chris-the-Chevrons-trumpet-player…under the spotlight ….

(CAVEAT – he answered these questions back on 25 February but we’ve only just got around to posting his answers now… on the 30th June. Where is the year GOING??)

When did you join the Chevrons? “Officially I guess last night? (editors note February 24th!)”

How did they find you (a TRUMPET PLAYER, finally, they’ve been talking about this for 1000 years!)? “Drunken conversation with Sean and Graham at The Nags Head at a mutual friends leaving drinks.”

What’s your favourite thing about it? “The horn section. Seriously ,the music is right up my street and the band are a lovely bunch.”

Any complaints yet? (Haha!) “Yea, why is the sax player so good? She shows me up!”

Where do you practise (as in when by yourself, rather than with the band – we know we can usually find them down the Rose and Crown on Tue/Wed/Thur night every couple of weeks). “My Bedroom whenever I can (no sniggering).”

What do your family reckon? “The kids love it and are humming Otis tunes around the house.”

What’s your favourite track so far & why? “My Girl as I played it years ago in a previous band called XL. Takes me back!”

Any band secrets we should know? “Nothing I want published!”

Any Chevrons quirks we should know?(feel free to be honest! Haha!) “Nothing yet.”

Fave gig moment so far? “Getting through the first one.”

Any wishes? (For the band..or just life..) “(I’ll give you both..) Bigger horn section”

Ultimate gig venue? “Vegas – anywhere”

Departing thoughts..? “Let’s do this!”

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