The Chevrons


Rose…under the spotlight

Motown drum roll… cue horns: WaaaaahhHH … Kev breaks a string. Standard.

When did you join the Chevrons? 

I joined the chevrons about 3 months ago.  I sang with Kev for a charity gig.  We rehearsed together for a few weeks and when we were done with that, he invited me to join the Chevrons.

What’s good about it? 

Joining a band is like joining a family.  I instantly felt welcome And one of the group.  It also helps that I absolutely love the music we play!
It’s the type of music you can’t help but dance to.

What’s bad about it?

I haven’t seen a bad side yet!  Were all doing what we love and also having fun in the process.

Where do you practise (as in out of ‘official rehearsals’ if we can call them that.. In the pub, on a Wednesday night.. with beer.. )?

We practice every Wednesday at a pub called the rose and crown in my home town Bishops Stortford.  The landlord Julian is nice enough to let us practice there for free,as long as we all have a couple of beers and get a few punters in!

What do your neighbours think? 

I live on a boat, a big old Dutch barge,and luckily my neighbours are far enough away not to hear me!  In the summer though, I practice outside in the sunshine.  I’ll be belting out Aretha Franklin while their doing the gardening, they havnt complained yet!

What’s your favourite track?  

My favourite track would have to be respect.  It has so much soul and feeling in it, I love singing it.

Any band secrets we should know about?

Ha ha. I don’t know yet!  If there is there keeping it quiet for now.

Any band member quirks which would be funny for us to know?

Hhhmmm.  Well, Sean our drummer seems to really speed up the tempo when he’s had a drink or two!

Who are your roadies?

We have a group of lovely and dedicated friends who try to come to all our gigs.

Fave gig moment so far? 

I love watching people’s reactions to the music.  At our last gig in Coggeshall there was an amazing woman who stole the show and danced the night away!

Any wishes? (For the band..or just life.. he’ll give us both..)

I’m looking forward to doing more gigs in the future, and also adding a few more songs into our set list.  We already have a few ones for our gig next week!

Ultimate gig venue?

Well the O2 obviously!  But let’s take it one step at a time….

Departing thoughts..?

I’ve loved working with The Chevrons so far.  Looking forward to many more late night practices and rocking gigs! xxx

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